Romantic Ideas

Three Romantic Dates For You And Your Mate

22 Nov , 2014  

Romantic Date

Learning to dance with your partner is a bold and charming idea put forth by Redbook’s Anna Davies. The vulnerability of man and women learning something together is quite romantic and will be sure to get the juices flowing. Think of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s sensual dance maneuvers in the 2012 video, Dance Again. You’ll be “doing work” by putting your hands on each other as you learn something in a public, yet professional setting and then you’ll have the time to go home and be private afterwards.

Seventeen Magazine has a suggestion that honestly could work well for couples of all ages. They suggest going to the gym together and it’s a pretty genius idea. In fact some celebrity couples also find it to be a useful idea for their relationship. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been in the press for working out with each other due to Tom’s recent diagnosis with Type II diabetes. While tragedy can sometimes spring forth new opportunity, the celebrity has reported it bringing them together more intimately, as well.

Are you a couple trying to work on the health of your love life almost as much as your general health? Try a date at a botanical garden, as suggested by Marie Claire. You’ll be able to peruse fresh food items, talk about each other’s health and reflect on the times when you never considered your diet. Reminiscing will help you remember the younger versions of yourselves that had more hands-on time and more intimacy. Then, go home and prepare a meal together using the foods you found at the market. After dinner, just relax and enjoy each other’s company together.

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Sex Life

Make It Fun Again, The Spark Is Still There!

22 Nov , 2014  

sleeping women

Sometimes the years pass and it gets harder and harder to keep the flame burning between the sheets. You never stop loving or admiring your partner but you might lose the confidence or the hunger for sex that you once had. Following these easy and fun suggestions will be a sure-fire way to rekindle that faded flame that you know can still burn bright as ever!

Dressing up has so much potential and it’s no wonder that Ann founded this lingerie business. Don’t make the false assumption that dressing up has to be over the top in terms of silliness or anything. You can just wear a sexy lingerie piece and serve your husband his favorite nighttime cocktail and see if you don’t arouse his attention.

If he doesn’t take special notice to how you’re dressed at first, try sheepishly asking him if there is anything else he needs. If he says no, ask him again in a different way, “Is there nothing else I could do for you?” You giving him the understanding that you want to please him is often enticement enough for a man. Men love feeling pampered but they have a terrible time admitting it.

Massage is something that is a go-to move for many couples to keep intimacy alive. Just having your hands slide and knead into the body of your partner for a good half-hour will reduce stress in both of you and will remind you of all the good times the two of you have shared, naked, brave and innocent together. Remember the joy of needing nothing else than what you were born with and the love you share for each other? It’s a beautiful thing to share intimacy with the person you love. The act of massage or the playfulness of dressing up a certain way is just one of the many ways of expressing that beauty.

Don’t be shy and don’t over-think something just because it’s something you haven’t done before. If you’ve been with your partner long enough, you might want to strongly consider sparking a conversation about trying one or both of these ideas. Sometimes, just the conversation is enough to get the mood going. Talking about each other’s needs, each other’s desires and what ultimately satisfies each of you is erotic in and of itself. It’s also been found in scientific studies that couples with the best communication also often report the best intimacy.

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Best Types Of Lingerie For Your Lover

22 Nov , 2014  


Imagine your wife or girlfriend looking inviting just for you in a small yet classy piece of lingerie. Imagine the response you are getting. Imagine how it is making you feel. If you are the woman, imagine the look of desire and love in your significant other’s eyes. Imagine that feeling of him touching you, caressing you as you have some of the most luxurious fabric lying on your body. That’s how it feels like when you purchase our lingerie. We make and provide our customers with the best pieces that promise to be a precursor to a loving and sensual evening.

We will look into some of the best types of lingerie to give a feeling of which one is best for your needs. There are various types of lingerie that promise to achieve the look, feel and emotion you are going for and we are here to steer you in the right direction.

Lacy lingerie is on the top of the list with many couples. Lacy lingerie has the ability to heighten the sexual atmosphere and make the woman feel powerful and loved. Lacy lingerie comes in a variety of different colors and patterns but the two most popular colors are black and red. Black is always stylish and it is a sexy color. The color black exudes power, grace and love – the lacy lingerie in this color makes the wearer feel powerful and sexy. Red lacy lingerie takes it to another level. Red is the color of passion and that feeling transfers to the couple on their night of passionate expressions of love. The red lacy lingerie gives the wearer of sense of unbridled love and passion and it makes the wearer feel sexy and the significant other wants to please their mate.

The corset does wonders for couples in the bedroom. This piece of lingerie gives the wearer an ultra sexy look and it makes the significant other feel sexy and willing to please in a very sexy way. The corset can be worn with knee-high stockings and high heel stilettos or sandals. As the wearer is parading in this outfit, the significant other can slowly and sensually start to take it off her, as if he is unwrapping a present. This leads to a night that is filled with endless love, passion, desire and respect.

Silk lingerie does the trick every time. Silk lingerie encompasses a feeling of sexiness and sophistication. Depending on the significant other’s preferences, silk lingerie can be worn in a variety of colors, such as white, red, black and pink. The black and red gives the lingerie a more edgy sexiness and the white and pink gives the look an air of innocence. While always sexy, silk lingerie is also very comfortable and it gives the wearer a sense of security. When the couple is engaging in the beginning stages of love-making silk lingerie is the perfect feeling between two bodies. It makes both people in the relationship feel sexy. The silky soft feeling of silk lingerie makes the sexual desires of both individuals elevate to new loving and sensual heights.

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